ZENRO, is a textile&bags factory with the core of continued innovation, product original design,fabric development, dyeing& printing, finishing, deep processing production and promotion in combination,we produces the high-end towel textiles, beauty textiles, other household textiles and all kinds of bags products, etc., Most of our orders are export orders and mainly sales to North America market, European market, East Asian market, Oceania market,in which we are working with the biggest clients in each area, like brand chain store or supermarket, online brands and OEM brand distributions and so on. Zenro is always on the road of innovating the newest kind fabric, promote the textile line forward and offer the better and more professional textile product to our clients.
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In the fast changing market, stick to the responsibility and original intention
Our Vision

A leading and influential enterprise in the outdoor and beauty textile industry.


Integrity and Cooperation:
we cooperate in accordance with reliance and responsibility.
Innovation and Excellence:
we aspire innovation and improvement to benefit our customers.
Customer oriented:
we insist on fast strain to meet the customers’requirements.


We commit ourselves to develop high value added products and maximize value for shareholders, customers and staff while rewarding to the society.

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